Stock Up on Energy Boosting Foods

by Ms. Metabolic on June 3, 2011

Stock Up on Energy Boosting Foods

When you’re dieting, it’s important to eat foods that are going to supply you with the energy that you really need and at the same time boost your metabolism and help you lose weight fast.  Restricting your calories can lead to feeling less energy, if you make the wrong food choices. Remember it is 1500 calories for weight loss and 2000 calories for maintenance.

Make sure that you choose the right foods that have lots of nutrients, which includes protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals and foods that have metabolic thermo-charge properties.  The more nutrition a food packs in, the more it will help you to sustain good health and energy. And the more it has metabolic thermo-charge properties, the more it can dramatically boost your metabolism and help you lose weight fast.

Here are some energy boosting foods that will help you to feel satisfied and keep your energy flowing:

•    Protein shakes
•    Whole grain breads and pastas
•    Nuts such as almonds, pistachios, and walnuts
•    Oatmeal
•    Fruits and vegetables
•    Olive and flaxseed oils
•    Whole grain cereals

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, there are some guidelines you can follow when selecting your energy boosting food.  Try to stay away from foods that are high in sugar or salt.  These foods can cause you to crave more foods and retain water.

For example, it’s better to have a handful of nuts than a granola bar.  Most granola bars are low in fat, but they have a lot of added sugar that you don’t need.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are a lot of products that promise to provide energy by filling your system with sugar and caffeine.  These are artificial sources of energy that will pick you up quickly and then leave you feeling even less energy once the temporary effect is over.

Instead of opting for energy drinks or capsules, stick to eating energy boosting foods that provide you with a lot of protein, fiber, and other nutrients.  These will give you longer-lasting energy and provide your body with the nutrition it needs.

Also make sure that you keep your body hydrated.  Hunger and thirst often feel the same.  If you feel a little hungry, try drinking a glass of water and then wait a few minutes.  You may find that you don’t really need a snack after all. And if you do, then always make a conscious effort to stick with an energy boosting food.


How Water Can Help You Lose Weight Fast

by Ms. Metabolic on June 1, 2011

How Water Can Help You Lose Weight Fast

Whenever you begin a diet program, the first thing you usually hear is that you should drink more water to help you lose weight fast. The recommended amount of water is usually 6-8 glasses of water each day. While you’ve probably heard it a thousand times, you may not know about all the benefits that water can actually provide for you.

Zero calories. Water is one of the few beverages that has no preservatives, no sodium, and no calories. You can drink plenty of it without adding to your caloric intake. It’s almost impossible to overindulge in water.

Filling. Water can also help you to feel full or satisfied when it comes to hunger. In fact, if you feel hungry you should try drinking a glass of water first. The sensation of hunger and thirst are very similar. You may just need to hydrate your body. Drinking water, then, can help you to feel fewer hunger pangs. You’ll eat less and that will help you to lose weight fast. It is also recommended that you drink water before and after your meals and to refrain from drinking water during meals.

Your body needs it. Every cell in your body needs water. It’s absolutely essential to every function of your body. That includes digestion and excretion. Water helps to keep your bowels regular and allows you to flush fat and toxins from your system.

Lose the water weight. When you don’t have enough water in your body, it will retain fluid. That leaves you with excess water weight that leaves you feeling bloated and puffy. When you drink plenty of water, you allow your body to get rid of that extra storage. That can result in an immediate loss of several pounds of water weight and therefore helping you lose weight fast.

Beyond weight loss. Besides just helping you to lose weight fast, water can help you to have a clear complexion. It can help your muscles to function better – which will cause you to have a more productive workout. Water can also help you to have more energy and have a feeling of better overall health.

Also, try to stick to plain water as much as possible. While there are plenty of flavored waters on the market, many of them are flavored with artificial sweeteners, which are not very good for your weight loss plan. If you don’t like the taste of plain water, you can try squeezing some lemon juice or lime juice into the water to give it some flavor.

So, there you go. Drink lots of water to lose weight fast!


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